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Blackview BV9900 8GB+256GB Super Rugged Phone for Sale

$ 698.99 $ 489.99
Blackview BV9900 Helio P90 Octa Core 4380mAh 8GB 256GB 5.84'' FHD+ IP68 Waterproof Rugged Smartphone 48MP Quad Rear Camera Phone

Blackview BV8000 Pro Smartphone-Best Rugged Phone

$ 399.99 $ 258.99
Blackview BV8000 Pro 6GB+64GB 5inch FHD Quick Charge NFC MT6757 Octa-Core Fingerprint 4G Smartphone 16.0MP Camera

Blackview BV6000S Smartphone Outdoor Rugged Phone

$ 280.99 $ 185.99
Blackview BV6000S IP68 Waterproof 4500mAh Battery MT6737T Quad-core Android 7.0 2GB RAM 16GB ROM 4.7inch Smartphone 8.0MP Camera

Blackview BV6100 Rugged Phone 5580mAh Big Battery Capacity

$ 286.99 $ 189.99
Blackview BV6100 Dual Gorilla 6.88" Screen Smartphone 3GB+16GB Android 9.0 IP68 Waterproof Cellphone 5580mAh NFC Mobile Phone

Blackview BV6800 Pro Rugged Smartphone 6580mAh Mobile Phone

$ 369.99 $ 248.99
Blackview BV6800 Pro IP68 IP69K 4GB+64GB Face ID Smartphone 5.7"FHD 16.0MP Mobile Phone Octa Core Android 8.0 NFC 4G Cellphone

Blackview BV9500 Plus Toughest Phone with 10000mAh Battery

$ 525.99 $ 325.99
Blackview BV9500 Plus Helio P70 4GB + 64GB Octa Core Smartphone 10000mAh IP68 Waterproof 5.7inch FHD Android 9.0 Mobile phone

Blackview BV9500 Pro Cell Phone with 10000mAh Battery

$ 589.99 $ 379.99
Blackview BV9500 Pro 10000mAh Battery Walkie Talkie Smartphone 6GB RAM 128GB ROM Octa Core 5.7" FHD 18:9 Mobile Phone

Blackview BV9500 Rugged Phone

$ 469.99 $ 319.99
Blackview BV9500 Rugged Smartphone Waterproof 4G IP68 Dual SIM 4GB+64GB ROM 5.7" FHD+IPS 10000mAh

Blackview BV9000 Pro Rugged Phone 6GB+128GB

$ 389.99 $ 268.99
Blackview BV9000 Pro Rugged Phone, 6GB + 128GB IP68 Waterproof Smartphone Helio P25 Octa Core 5.7" FHD 4180mAh Battery Dual SIM Mobile Phone

Blackview BV9800 Rugged Phone Dual Sim 6580mAh Battery

$ 579.99 $ 398.99
Blackview BV9800 Rugged Phone 6580mAh 6.3" FHD Helio P70 Android 9.0 6GB+128GB Smartphone 48MP Rear Camera IP68 Waterproof Mobile Phone

Blackview BV9600 Pro Mobile Phone T-Mobile Straight Talk GSM for Outdoor Lovers

$ 658.99 $ 389.99
Blackview BV9600 Pro Rugged Smartphone Helio P70 IP68 Waterproof Mobile Phone 6GB+128GB Android 9 Outdoor 19:9 AMOLED Cellphone

Blackview BV9100 Rugged Phone 13000mAh 4GB+64GB Mobile Phone

$ 398.99 $ 268.99
Blackview BV9100 Rugged Phone, IP68 Waterproof 4GB+64GB Cellphone 13000mAH 30W fast charging 4G Mobile Phone