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Blackview BV9900 Pro Unboxing Testing Video

blackview bv9900 pro

Blackview BV9900 Pro is the world’s fastest thermal rugged smartphone. It comes with a solid predictive tool for maintenance that a user can reply on for troubleshooting everything ranging from electrical systems to mechanical equipment, plumbing, rescue, agriculture to fire, and first responders.


Blackview BV9900 Pro is powered by the Helio P90 Octa-Core AI processor. In addition, it comes with a 5.84-inch FHD+ waterdrop display providing a 2280 x 1080 pixels resolution.


The device is enabled with a quad camera on the rear side that consists of a Sony 48 MP main sensor, a 16 MP ultra-wide camera, a 5 MP depth camera, as well as a 2 MP macro camera.

On the front, there is a 16 MP camera for selfies and video shooting. This is the latest innovation that can survive even the extreme temperatures as the company claims.

BV9900 pro can perform basic four functions even when the device is located in -30 degree temperature. The smartphone is integrated with an 8 GB RAM and 128 GB internal storage that allows you to multitask without any lags.

Thanks to its high quality reinforced body, Blackview bv9900 pro is designed to be able to resist the blows, wherever they come from. In addition, it can operate under the most extreme weather conditions, a true all-rounder.

The new Blackview terminal is so tough and waterproof that it has an IP68 level of resistance to water and dust. You can use it wherever you are no matter what. In other words, It’s one of the most powerful rugged phones you’ll ever have in your hands.

Just like its predecessor, this new tough phone of Blackview is designed to be taken anywhere, including the North Pole. When you arrive, activate the Ice mode to keep the phone doing the basics – making phone calls, taking pictures.

Not only do you have a high-quality exterior, but the new Blackview BV9900 Pro is also designed for use everywhere and for everything you can think of.


Inside is an Octa-Core Helio P90 processor, one of the most versatile and interesting processors you can find in its range, capable of moving all the applications you can think of at the same time and without any delay.

Storage Capacity

In addition, it is accompanied by 8GB of RAM, an amount of memory that you would not expect at a time like this and that will allow you to have more than one application active without having any problem.

And if we focus on its storage capacity, this model has 128GB, a huge amount of space! You can expand with an SD card and that will allow you to enjoy more quality. It’s impressive!

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